We realize that in the superfast world of today, brands connect with consumers through a continuous profound interaction. That is why we believe in the power of modern communication based on a multi-channel urban space experience. It is only thanks to such activities that a brand can be heard through the information noise and the mass of content we are bombarded with every day. We know how to design activity strategies, plan them at the media level and finally, how to implement them effectively and monitor their results. We are equipped with both the necessary tools and competencies.

We know what we are doing.

And most importantly – we really like this job.




Supervisory board member Triggo S.A., board advisor Lumichem and creator, founder and President of Synergic. President of Administration in NextBike Poland in 2019.


Piotr Luberadzki

Sales Director

Sales, especially as a team work is his passion. For almost twenty years professionally connected to outdoor advertising. Privately passionate about the Stanley Cup and flying objects. We are sure that now Synergic with spread its wings ever further.

Tel.: +48 512 314 353


Magdalena Tynor

Marketing Director

A professional veteran in marketing, business development and managing many product groups, including transit, digital, airport and event adertisment. Has 16 years of experience in advertising.

Tel.: +48 502 514 463


Kinga Kalińska

Dep. Director of Sales Department

Our experienced specialist in large and non-standard projects and a master of finding the best possible alternatives for maximum client satisfaction. She loves to play volleyball, ride her bike or rollerblade with her family or friends.

Tel.: +48 662 193 331


Marta Kuklińska

Senior Account Manager

Marta has many years B2B and customer service experience. She has coordinated many business projects in wide variety of industries. She consequently builds relations with clients, brings some positive energy of this relationship, which drives her to action. Privately, she loves dogs (especially mongrels), loves a good coffee and Irish landscapes.

Tel.: +48 693 834 846


Agnieszka Ziemińska

Account Manager

Challenge is her daily bread and she takes it with a lot of optimism. When not busy planning coordinating and monitoring campaigns, she goes dancing… unless she is taking her dog for a walk. How she finds the time to do all her stuff – no idea – now, that’s what you call a challenge!

Tel.: +48 603 585 961


Marcin Olszyński

Account Manager

At Synergic he is responsible for transit campaigns, but in his free time loves working on his car. Loves hot holidaymaking and taking photos. We’ve seen them – great.

Tel.: +48 728 364 376


Natasza Vieweger

Account Manager

Natasza is responsible for key media houses and advertisers. Started her career in a radio station, then moved to publishing, where she was responsible for internet and press newspaper sales. Has over 20 years of experience in advertising.

Tel.: +48 727 003 915


Tadeusz Kąkol

Production Specialist

He’s our handy handyman: he’ll repair, attach, and deliver ‒ all with a smile! From spring to fall he loves to visit his vacation house in the countryside, whilst in the winter he enjoys a quiet night in front of the TV.

Tel.: +48 608 078 406


Agnieszka Kicińska

Controlling Specialist

Judging by position: full vigilance, consistence – number cruncher with x-ray vision. But we know she just pretends to be a bugaboo. At heart she loves good literature and travelling, especially the mountains.

Tel.: +48 728 364 361


Magdalena Szczepańska

Finance Specialist

Our Wonder Woman, who takes care of everything and everyone. Even when not busy rescuing our Synergic world, she never takes it slow – adrenaline addict, she rides her bike, runs and swims. She is always on the go. We gave up chasing her a long time ago.

Tel.: +48 728 364 377


Aleksandra Brzozowska

Office Manager

Our office manager. Her 20 years of experience has lead her through small start-ups and international companies to owning her own business. Privately, fan of Mankell’s mystery novels and Justyna Mazur’s podcasts.